Sale House Skiathos - Grece (37002) GRÈCE - SKIATHOS

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GREECE - SKIATHOS STUNNING VILLA - SWIMMING POOL - 6 BEDROOMS - 480SQM The modern interpretation of the architectural design of the villa highlights its splendor and grandeur, while not resorting to stylistic eccentricities at the same time, as the magic in the simplicity of geometry and shapes used, adds yet more to the apparent luxury that this villa defines. The apotheosis of minimalist interior design enables the seamless flow of light which bathes the villa all day, while the open spaces offer natural ventilation. The wooden floors that have been used both in the villa's interior and exterior, fit effortlessly with the lush scenery surrounding the villa. The pool, other than the obvious touch of luxury and completeness that it offers, incorporate the element of water to the property, giving the perfect harmony in this building