Sale House Sani Halkidiki - Grece (63077) GRÈCE - SANI HALKIDIKI

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GREECE - SANI HALKIDIKI LUXURY VILLA - 5 BEDROOMS - 330SQM Well nestled in the lap of a green pine forest near Sani Chalkidiki, this lovely villa is a luxurious secret waiting to be discovered. The exterior of the house is not determined by any particular architectural pattern, following a modern design approach, impressing however the simplicity of its shapes and its imposing size. Arranged over three levels, the villa has an open plan layout that provides the necessary comfort. The interior decoration is dominated by modern art paintings and object, providing the residence with a certain character. Surrounded by a 3,200 sqm lush garden, the space provided is ideal for relaxing walks while one can just as easily sit and enjoy the natural landscape from the wooden patio that surrounds the pool.